Compensation Plan

doTERRA has an incredible compensation plan that covers a number of areas: providing regular paychecks, bonuses and other forms of residual income. We’ve compared it to other companies’ compensation plans and we found that doTERRA has really raised the standard (again).

There are 5 main ways that you earn with doTERRA:

1. Retail Profit. You receive 25% of all retail purchases that people make on your online store. This is pretty straightforward. While this check is nice, it’s not what you want to focus on, since the other compensation is even better!

Retail Profit Graphic
2. Power of 3 Bonuses. This is a great way to get half of your Loyalty Rewards Order paid for really quickly. Simply share about oils with three people who become Wellness Advocates and choose to place a monthly 100pv Loyalty Rewards order and you’ll get a check for $50 any month that they all order. It doesn’t have to be the same three people each month. When any three people who are under you have their own three people with a 100pv Loyalty Rewards Order, you’ll get a $250 check that month. And when those nine people have their three people with a 100pv Loyalty Rewards Order, you’ll receive a $1500 check that month. Wondering how to get people placing a 100pv Loyalty Rewards Order? Well, families who have two people on Lifelong Vitality Supplements are spending 120pv each month by default, so this is another reason to encourage people to take them! You can also encourage your advocates to buy things like laundry detergent, toothpaste, face wash, shampoo, etc. on Loyalty Rewards since they have to spend money on those items anyway.


Power of 3 Graphic

3. Fast Start Bonuses. We love Fast Start Bonuses! Why? Well, it’s instant gratification for sharing oils with people because you get paid this check weekly. When someone you share oils with places their first wholesale order, you’ll receive 20% of everything they spend on that order and all orders for their first 60 days! So, a 200 pv order would score you a $40 check. It doesn’t stop there, though: You’ll earn 10% on all of your person’s signups, and 5% on those people’s signups – for everyone’s first 60 days! So, you may end up getting a check for a signup you had no idea even happened. Pretty sweet!

Fast Start Bonuses

4. Unilevel Compensation. You get this check monthly and this is really where the magic happens. It can be sort of slow going at first, but as your team builds, this is where the money is. Most organizations pay a higher percentage to your top level enrollees and less and less and you go down. doTERRA does the opposite, which encourages builders to support their builders! You succeed when they succeed! You may have only 3 or 4 people on your top line, but hundreds or thousands of people in your 7th level. With this unilevel compensation, you earn the highest percentage on the largest level. This is how Diamond ranks earn $15,000+ per month. (Note: you may click on this image to see it larger.)

Unilvel Compensation doTERRA

5. Rank Bonuses. You get this bonus monthly with your main check, and it’s beautiful! Starting at Premier Rank, you’ll earn shares in the company’s overall earnings for the month. The smallest bonus is about $150 for lower ranks and goes up to about $4000/mo for Diamonds and $12,000/mo for Blue Diamonds. Even more for Presidential. You can see the Performance and Diamond pools in the graphic above, but suffice it to say: It’s worth it to reach your rank goals!

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