Essential Oils For Healthy Sleep

I used to spend an hour or more trying to turn my brain off at night. I’d lay in bed and become more and more frustrated about my situation. When I finally did fall asleep, my sleep wasn’t rejuvenating, and I’d wake and feel tired the whole next day, only to repeat it the next night. This pattern had just been my reality for so long that I really didn’t think there was a solution. I took up coffee and found ways to cope. Then, about 3 years ago, I was introduced to essential oils. Being the skeptic that I was at the time, I approached them cautiously. How could a drop of this stuff do anything to help me?

But it did. And I thought it was a fluke. But then it helped again the next night. And I started quickly realizing that I would no longer ever be without essential oils as part of my winding down routine. I got my sleep, and consequently my life back.

Essential Oils Provide a Safe, Natural Option For Getting Great Sleep

Since you are here, I can assume that you or someone you love is struggling with getting restful sleep at night, and I’m glad you’re here! If you attended my Essential Oils for Healthy Sleep webinar, I introduced you to three kits that start off pretty basic and get robust near the end for the person who’s ready to make massive change. No matter which kit you choose, you’ll receive some great support from me. I’m committed to personally be there for you on your oil journey, whether it ends at addressing your sleeping issues or if you’d like support in other areas of your life. For now, though, let’s talk about the kits:

Healthy Sleep Basic Kit – $114.50

This price includes your membership to doTERRA for a year for just $8.50 over full retail pricing!

This kit includes the three doTERRA products that I think are must-haves if you are struggling to get great rest at night. These help me to turn down the mind chatter and ease into peaceful, rejuvenating sleep at night. I no longer kick my husband or wake up completely turned around in bed, and I oftentimes have a crease on the side of my face from where I didn’t move most of the night. How’s that for restful?

This kit includes an 8 1/2 month supply for one person of two of my favorite restful oils: Serenity Restful Blend and Vetiver. You’ll apply one drop per night of each to the bottom of your feet, your pillow, or your diffuser. You can certainly do some testing to see which application works best for you. You’ll also receive the Serenity Restful Complex softgels. I really love these, and though they are a fairly new product, I am hearing often how much benefit others are getting out of them already! These softgels complete my bedtime routine and I highly recommend them.

When you are adding these products to your shopping cart, be sure to buy the two Serenity products together to save the most money! It’s called the Serenity Combo Pack and its item number is #60200524. 

*If you already have a doTERRA membership, these products will only cost $79.50.

Healthy Sleep Complete Kit – $194.00

Save $123 off of retail! This price includes your doTERRA membership for a year.

This kit includes all three of the must-have products in the Healthy Sleep Basic Kit, but it includes doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Supplements, which have been completely transformative in our lives. My husband and I noticed significant improvements in our energy, mood, immune function, and ability to rest at night when we started taking it.

Imagine waking up and giving your body food-based nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and cellular support every morning. How much better would your body feel if it were supported on a cellular level daily? Well, you’ll have to try it to see for yourself, but I can assure you that Lifelong Vitality is doTERRA’s best-selling product for a reason: hundreds of thousands of people have fallen in love with it like my husband and I have. If you don’t love them, simply take advantage of doTERRA’s no questions asked, 30 day, full money back guarantee.

This kit is perfect for the person who wants to sleep great at night, but also realizes the importance of being fully supported throughout the day. This is our most popular kit for people who are struggling in the sleep department!

When you are adding these products to your shopping cart, be sure to buy the two Serenity products together to save the most money! It’s called the Serenity Combo Pack and its item number is #60200524. 

*If you already have a doTERRA membership, these products will only cost $159.00.

Healthy Sleep & Awake Kit – $263.75

Save $216 off of retail! This price includes your doTERRA membership for a year.

This kit includes all of the amazing products in the Healthy Sleep Complete Kit, but it includes some key products for additional energy and discomfort support: 

Peppermint Essential Oil – Use this oil to instantly provide a refreshing and awakening experience and to heighten focus. I like to keep this by the bed to help me get up in the morning, or in the afternoon for a quick pick-me-up.
Mito2Max – This is a great, plant-based supplement that provides energy and stamina support on days when you need a boost! I love it, and use it at least 3-4 days per week.
Deep Blue Rub – If occasional discomfort is part of your life or is hindering your ability to get comfortable at night, you’ll want to have Deep Blue Rub in your life. It provides almost immediate, soothing comfort to problem areas.

When you are adding these products to your shopping cart, be sure to buy the two Serenity products together to save the most money! It’s called the Serenity Combo Pack and its item number is #60200524. Also, be sure to add the Mito2Max to the “Edit Kit” section of your Lifelong Vitality Pack to save money there as well! 

*If you already have a doTERRA membership, these products will cost $228.75.

How To Purchase Your Kit


  1. Wholesale Prices: The best option is to get a wholesale account. Think of it like a Costco or Sam’s Club membership. The membership fee is tiny (only $35 now and $25 upon renewal after a year, and you are given a free bottle of Peppermint oil), and you get 25% off of everything you purchase all year! If you want to buy your products in the most intelligent way, visit my doTERRA website and then choose Wholesale Customer if you see yourself simply using the products for personal use and not sharing their benefits with others or Wellness Advocate if you’d like the ability to earn some supplemental income or fun money by sharing the benefits of oils with others now or in the future.  You can always change your membership type in the future without any drama or cost by calling customer service.You’ll be asked to choose a kit in your cart. Simply choose Introductory Packet for $35, then add the items you want to your cart by typing them in. 

    Set Up My Wholesale Membership!

  2. Pay Retail: Another option is to purchase your oils at full retail price from my online store. The retail option is really only good if you want one or two oils and never anticipate using more, since buying wholesale saves you money, doesn’t carry any monthly order obligations, and comes with perks like free products, reimbursed shipping, and more. Almost no one purchases oils at retail because it usually doesn’t make sense.

    Shop Retail

Benefits of Ordering with Us

We pride ourselves on how well we care for our doTERRA family, and personally offer Wellness Plans for each of our new members (just ask!) as well as a free essential oils reference guide to help you along on your journey. We have teammates all over the US and abroad and can connect you with local support if you need it.

Need help getting your oils or have questions? You may email or call us anytime. We would love to walk you through.