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Must-have Essential Oil Gear

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  • Get a reference book of some kind. We love a couple of them and would be happy to help you get one.  Learn what each oil is good for, and search the extensive index of which oils will help you reach your specific health goals.
  • Go ahead and get some rollerball bottles, sample/travel vials, and spray bottles so that you’ll have convenient ways to use your favorite oils (and share them!) We get our accessories from (link below) and they are priced ridiculously low there.

Our Favorite Essential Oil Websites

Aroma Tools – A great site where you can get rollerball bottles, sample vials, spray bottles, empty capsules to take your oils in, the Modern Essentials reference books, and more! – For those interested in the business side of doTERRA, visit here! They have a wonderful, inexpensive diffuser (Elevate) that we love here as well.
Oils Mentor – Go here for a ton of wonderful webinars to learn about oils!
Our doTERRA Website – Go here to actually purchase your oils retail or wholesale

Our Favorite Oils and Products That Aren’t in the Family Physician’s Kit

We consider every oil in the Family Physician’s Kit to be a must-have. But there are others that we’ve grown to love and have made part of our daily or weekly routines that we have to share!

Balance – Grounding Blend – This blend has hands down made me (Kelly) a better mother. I put a drop on the back of my neck in the morning, and reapply if things start getting nutty. It totally evens out my mood and keeps me from reacting to the stress that is inevitable when I do things like… exist in this world.
Serenity – Calming Blend  – We used this for great sleep for months, and now have discovered that we can put it on our kids when they get rowdy. It’s just amazing.
ClaryCalm – Women’s Monthly Blend – regulates all of the hormones that women are blessed with. Don’t think you need it? Check with your spouse or co-workers first and if they stutter or stammer, you need it.
Lifelong Vitality Supplements – Okay, these aren’t an oil (but have oils in them). There is no reason to not be on a whole foods multi-vitamin. And these are so much more! Read why we love them and think everyone else should, too. 

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