How a Couple of Drops Changed My Life!

A few of years ago, I was an exasperated mom who didn’t understand why her kids kept catching every little thing that came around. I would send my daughter, who was 3 at the time, to preschool with my fingers crossed that no kids would be there with a runny nose, fever, or cough, because I knew she’d bring it home with her and it would affect the whole family. Nothing I did for her seemed to help. Not to mention that when my husband and I would catch it, we’d end up with missed work and income.

Our little girl really needed immune support. We knew we couldn’t continue on as we had been. 🙁 

Looking back, I’m grateful for this time, because it made me say “yes” to an invitation to learn more about how essential oils could help our family stay healthy. The decision to attend that class has changed everything for us. I was a huge skeptic, but I was desperate and willing to try anything.

At the class, I learned that using a drop of two of these highly concentrated plant extracts could turn things around for us. It made no sense to me at the time, but again, I was desperate, so I purchased a small intro kit that included this particular blend that was for immune support. I brought it with us on a vacation we went on the next week. During that week, in the wee hours of the morning, I started not feeling my best due to a common breastfeeding related issue that I’d experienced several times. I was achy and hot, with a great deal of discomfort in one breast. I had been here before and knew I was in for at least 2-3 days of misery. I hesitantly applied a bit of the immune support blend to the area, feeling a bit ridiculous but hopeful that what I’d been told about the blend was true. Not even 2 hours later, I was on my feet, proceeding with our vacation activities without a care in the world, good as new. Since then, this little blend has been our go-to for immune support when one of us is feeling run down.


I was floored that something so simple as a drop of an essential oil blend could have such a powerful impact on my body’s ability to fend for itself.

Desperate to keep our daughter healthy, we began applying a diluted drop or two to her feet or spine before we sent her out to be around other kids. (Dilution improves absorption and is recommended, especially on children.) Weeks went by. Our daughter wasn’t getting sick. Neither were the rest of us! We enjoyed a completely healthy cold and flu season while friends and family were dropping like flies.


Who knew that a few drops of oil could change a family’s life so quickly?


Not only were we feeling our best, but we felt empowered to address anything that might come up quickly and safely! I loved that we weren’t filling our bodies with harsh chemicals or synthetics that could cause side effects, but rather using plant-based blend of oils that has a proven track record (think thousands of years) of providing benefit to the human body. With each drop of this powerful product that costs us just 12 cents per use, we were handling everything that came our way, and have continued to for almost 3 years now. Not bad, right?

But what I didn’t understand was this: If this worked so well, then why do so many of us keep depending solely on factory derived synthetics when we get sick when something natural and effective was readily available to everyone? I think, possibly, it’s due to a misconception people have about what essential oils are, and that perhaps they are mostly seen as wonderful smelling products that make us feel nice inside, without any therapeutic qualities.

Our country has been a bit slow to adopt widespread essential oil use, but other cultures have not. The people of China rely very heavily on plant-based solutions, as well as Japanese people. The country of Japan is well-known for overall health, and the people there use essential oils regularly as part of their everyday lives. Japan has on record over 50,000 people living over the age of 100. That’s one amazing country. What could we learn from them?

We know that plants contain plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and more. Imagine getting the most concentrated version of plants into your own body! That concentrated powerful punch from a plant is its essential oil. Using an essential oil is hands down, THE best way to get the benefit of a plant’s therapeutic qualities. In fact, the essential oil from a plant is 50-70 times more powerful than its herbal counterpart. Wow! They also work on a cellular level, which means that they can work faster and harder to bring our bodies back into balance naturally. Respected hospitals such as Vanderbilt and Johns Hopkins are not only studying doTERRA essential oils, but using and recommending them in their facilities!

There’s much more to essential oils than just this, but thinking of them this way is a great start! Ready to know what exactly it was that we used that changed everything?


The name of this little bottle of oil that changed everything for us is called On Guard Protective Blend. It contains oils of clove, wild orange, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. This unique blend has been formulated to provide a natural and effective solution for immune support.

Since falling in love with On Guard, I’ve made it my purpose to understand more about the group of people who made it available to me, and I found that the owners of doTERRA were dedicated to purity and quality like no one else. There are only 9 billion dollar companies in the U.S. and the fastest to have gotten there was Apple, a brand most of us know and love. Apple took 14 years to do what doTERRA accomplished in just 7, and that speaks volumes to me about not only their integrity, but the quality of their products. I trust no other company to care for our family the way that doTERRA has. There’s a reason that doTERRA is the largest, fastest growing and the most trusted essential oil company in the world.

Since the oil industry has no real quality control standards, people can get away with offering very low quality essential oils in places like Wal-Mart or Whole Foods. There are usually synthetics, diluted oils, and in some cases, entirely different plants in the bottles you buy off of the shelf. I had no idea about this until I began my research! Because there were no standards in place, doTERRA set the bar for the industry themselves. They wanted to be the company that offered the most pure and beneficial oils on the market, and they are!

The quality of an essential oil—from planting, to harvest, to extraction—is critical. Where the plant is grown is very important, as are harvesting schedules and techniques. doTERRA employs its testing methods for validation of quality at multiple production points. Directly after plant selection, harvesting, and distillation, each essential oil is reviewed for chemical composition. A second testing sequence is initiated when the oil is received at doTERRA’s production facility to ensure that what was distilled and tested is the same essential oil received. A third review of the chemistry is conducted in a three-phase procedure during the actual filling process. Each of these testing steps confirms that the essential oil has remained free of contaminants and unexpected alterations during production. These tests are done both internally and by third parties, and you can even enter the batch number from the bottom of your bottle onto doTERRA’s Source To You website and SEE the purity results for yourself. How’s that for being thorough and instilling trust?

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1. On Guard Essential Oil – A 15 mL full-strength bottle you can use to diffuse or make household cleansers, hand soap and sanitizer, or your own diluted mix with

2. On Guard Touch – A 10 mL, convenient, pre-diluted rollerball bottle that you can use on small kids or those with sensitive skin for maximum absorption, or just on-the-go.

3. On Guard + Softgels – Powerful, convenient soft gels called that adults and children over the age of 6 can take with water for a quick immune boost when threats are high. This is hands down one of my favorite products. Read more here.

4. A number of additional other products in the line have become our favorites, like the laundry detergent, hand soap, cleaning concentrate, and throat drops!

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doTERRA products can be purchased three ways to fit your buying style, and you’ll receive support from me on how to use these product no matter which you choose:

1. Retail – Pay full price for your purchases (Click here to shop retail)

2. Wholesale – Enjoy 25% off of all purchases for the year with a convenient membership. This option is the most popular, and includes perks like reimbursed shipping, access to free products each month and more. (Click here to learn how to get a doTERRA membership)

3. Directly from me – For a limited time, for your convenience, I will extend some special, better than retail pricing for those who want to get these products into your home before setting up your own membership. Membership has so many benefits, but I know that you may still be skeptical and you would appreciate an option to get these quickly into your home with a click of a button. (Scroll down to buy products directly from me.)


This On Guard Trio is perfect for everyone, and will give you the most versatile and convenient On Guard experience. Use the On Guard + Protective Softgels as needed when you’re not feeling your best. These are great for anyone over the age of 6 and can be taken for 10 days in a row before taking a little break. Use the On Guard Touch rollerball for fast and convenient application of On Guard essential oil for you and your little ones. It’s pre-diluted for safe application for even the tiniest ones you love. Use the On Guard Essential Oil in a diffuser, internally, or to make your own cleaning products or add to laundry detergent.


I will ship for free to the continental US only. If you want to try these products and live outside of the continental US, please contact me to make shipping arrangements before you place your order. When you place your order, consider who else in your life would benefit from these amazing products and don’t leave them out!

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You, like many people, may be new to the whole idea of using essential oils for plants, and that’s okay! I’d like to put your mind at ease and let you know you’re in good hands.

For a limited time, I’ll be giving away a 5 mL bottle of Wild Orange Essential Oil to each person who gets on the phone with me to get a personal wellness consultation. We will discuss your family’s unique health needs and I’ll provide custom recommendations for keeping everyone healthy.

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