How To Buy Essential Oils


There are a couple of ways to get essential oils in your home:

1. The first option is to purchase them at full retail price from my online store. The retail option is really only good if you want one or two oils and never anticipate using more, since buying wholesale is cheaper! When you get to the page, click “Shop.”

2. The best option is to get a wholesale account. Think of it like a Costco or Sam’s Club membership. The yearly fee is tiny, and you get 25% off of everything you purchase all year! The $35 membership fee is included in any starter kit purchase if you’d rather go that route. Check out my favorite starter kits here. If you want to join in on the wholesale fun, visit my online store and click “Join and Save,” then “Join doTERRA,” select your language and on the next screen you choose whether you see yourself simply using the products for personal use and not sharing their benefits with others (Wholesale Customer is for you!) or if you’d like the ability to earn some supplemental income or fun money by sharing the benefits of oils with others now or in the future (Wellness Advocate is for you!) You can always change your membership type in the future without any drama or cost by calling customer service.

Here’s where to not to buy oils:

1. Off of the shelf from a brand you’ve never researched. There’s a a massive difference between that store brand “lavender oil” and doTERRA’s. Even a novice can smell the difference, and you get what you pay for. Since there’s so little regulation in the essential oil industry, companies get away with a lot of corner cutting, and you can’t trust what most companies say on their labels. Here’s a little video on doTERRA’s quality and testing:

1. From an online marketplace from someone with whom you have no working relationship. The way doTERRA has structured our company, a person like you purchases oils from a person like me who is committed to going on your oil journey with you. I am a researcher, an advocate for you, and someone I want you to feel comfortable calling or texting when you or your loved one needs natural support and you don’t know what to use. We are family. If you just hop on your favorite online shopping site and find a bottle of oil to purchase (doTERRA or any other brand), you’ve effectively purchased a product that no one cares to support you using. They made a quick buck and you’re on your own! Furthermore, per doTERRA rules, that person has to sell the oils to you for a minimum of 10% higher than you could get them for yourself at wholesale pricing. And they are earning the free product credits on the purchases that are rightfully yours. They are getting reimbursed shipping that belongs to you. And shipping with doTERRA is just $3.99 for any size order! Just don’t do it. Empower yourself to enjoy your own wholesale membership and enjoy all of the support from our family that comes with that.

Why partner with us?

I know you have options for who to sign up under, and some of them may offer great support. However, if you choose to join us, we would be thrilled! We are Diamond leaders in doTERRA, which means we have the experience and expertise to help you to thrive. We pride ourselves on how well we care for our doTERRA family, and I personally offer Wellness Plans for each of my new member as well as a free welcome gift or two to help you along on your journey. We have teammates all over the US as well, and can connect you with some locals if you aren’t in our immediate area.

Need help getting your oils or have questions? You may email or call us anytime. We would love to walk you through.