How To Earn Income on Our Team

If you’re here, you’ve expressed an interest in earning money by sharing about oils with family, friends and others who could benefit from natural healthcare. We are excited about your interest, and we are always thrilled to have new teammates join us!

There are three main reasons someone wants to earn with our company and we are happy to help you in any of these capacities:

1.To get their oils paid for.

Usually, this person is interested in casually sharing about oils and products with people they come in contact with. They’ve experienced how life-changing the oils are and find it easy to tell others about their experiences. If this is you, that’s great! doTERRA makes it pretty easy to start earning checks. In fact, we began earning checks before we even understood how we were earning them. Many people can have their oils paid for within a month or two of sharing about them. He or she might post on Facebook, email their friends, or call family members who have issues that could be addressed with oils. When those people purchase oils at retail or wholesale, a commission is earned!  This is where Nate and I started. We truly had no intentions of really selling the oils but wanted to get them paid for.

2. To supplement their income.

Usually, this person is excited to host classes, get some business cards made up, give out samples regularly, and put in a little more effort into earning. The potential for income in this case far exceeds just getting oils paid for. For us – just a few months in – we were making $250 or so/month just by hosting a class every 5 or 6 weeks. We weren’t even teaching at this point. After seeing the potential to earn, we decided to start giving it a concerted effort to see where it could go.

3. To replace their income.

Usually, this person is driven, passionate about the oils, a go-getter, and willing to put in some time and effort weekly to begin building residual income, including participating in online training and eventually teaching their own classes. This person may desire to live a life that most would consider extraordinary – with ample time for family and friends, generosity, and travel without the confines of a 9-5 job. We recommend spending a minimum of 5-10 hours weekly working on the business if someone wants to replace their income. The more time you spend, the faster you’ll get where you want to go. In fact, we know a stay-at-home mom of 4 who began teaching her own classes 14 months ago and is already at a level making $18,000+/month. The oils sell themselves, but the person who wants to really succeed is willing to go “all in” and hustle. This is where we are now, and we’ve reached the Diamond Rank in doTERRA and are enjoying true financial freedom. When a person expresses this type of interest in sharing, we spend plenty of time training, mentoring, and providing support to help you be successful.

You may be like us, and start with one intention (getting your oils for free) and then decide later that you really want to make it a business. That’s great! Just keep us informed of your intentions along the way so that we can best support your goals.


Which doTERRA rank represents the income you desire?


So How Do We Get Paid, Anyway?

Learn about doTERRA’s compensation plan here! It’s the best in the industry, and is truly generous to set us up for success.

Ready to Start Earning with us?

Get your wellness advocate membership set up using the info on our How To Buy Essential Oils page, and then contact us to let us know your intentions for earning income with our team. We’ll set you up on our training system to get you acclimated to doTERRA and get you started with earning income right away. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple and rewarding it can be. You get to change people’s lives and get compensated for doing it!