Loyalty Rewards Program

Once you fall in love with your oils the next step is to learn about doTerra’s Loyalty Rewards program (LRP). The LRP program is like a frequent flyer program for doTERRA. The program rewards you for placing a monthly order and has many benefits over placing a standard order!

Note: You do NOT have to order the same thing each month and the monthly minimum requirement to stay in the program is just 1 point (all oils and blends are 1 point = $1).

There are a LOT of perks and I don’t want you to miss out!

doTERRA On Guard products in home

Loyalty Rewards Program Highlights

• Receive up to 30% of the point value of your monthly LRP order back in product credits to spend on free oils later!

• When you set up an LRP order, you are only paying tax on the wholesale price, not on the retail price like you do on a Standard Order.

• You are reimbursed for shipping on all LRP orders! So, if you spend $9, you’ll get 9 points put back into your account to use next month.

• Freedom to change what items you want on your LRP order anytime up until the day before that order is set to ship! I keep my Lifelong Vitality Supplements, PB Assist, Childrens’ Supplements, and Mito2Max in my cart, but change up everything else monthly.

• Freedom to change your LRP ship date.

• Lifelong Vitality Supplements are HALF the price on LRP.

• When you order the Shampoo & Conditioner through LRP, you save $14.50 over a Standard Order.

• When you order the complete Skin Care Kit on your LRP order, you receive the Facial Scrub for free.


Top 5 Reasons to Participate in Loyalty Rewards

  1. You start off earning 10% of your order back in product credit and after a year can earn up to 30% back each month. These points go into an account that you can easily view online at www.doterra.myvoffice.com. Then you use those saved-up points to order FREE product. How much you get back increases by 5% every 3 qualifying months up to 30% (a qualifying order is 50 points or $50 in oils) So as a wholesale member, not only are you saving 25% off of retail but you could earn up to 30% back of whatever you spend as well.
  2. When your PV (point value) is 125 or more AND you order by the 15th of the month you will also receive the Product of the Month totally free. You don’t do anything, they just wrap it up and include it in your order. It’s a different free oil every month!
  3. When you enroll in the Loyalty Rewards Program you also can participate in the quarterly promotions. For example in December if your LR order was 200PV or more you got a free bottle of Frankincense! That’s $93 of retail product for free. It is different each time and always optional.
  4. The Loyalty Rewards program makes ordering easy. You save shipping by ordering once a month. Your payment information is saved and you choose the day that your order is placed from the 1st to the 28th of the month. Whenever I get my order I then go in and set up/change my order for the next month. Adding things to your Loyalty Rewards order is as easy as logging in and clicking a few buttons.
  5. When your PV is over 100, you qualify to earn commissions that month. This is very important for when friends and family begin to sign up underneath you. Our oils were paid for by my second month of ordering oils, just from the commissions we earned sharing about essential oils with our loved ones.


Loyalty Rewards Details

  1. You need to place an order each month.  As long as you order something you will remain the program. If you need to cancel, there’s no penalty other than you’ll lose any unused points and savings percentages that you’ve built up to. However, there’s no obligation to stay on the program.
  2. You can maintain the percentage you have achieved along with points earned by purchasing at least 1 PV per month. If you place an order below 50 PV one month, that month will not count towards advancing in savings. However you do not lose the percentage you have earned so far. So if you have been in the program 5 months and are up to 20% and you place an order below 50pv you will not earn product credit that month but the next time your order qualifies you will still be at 20%.
  3. To quality for the Fast Track (weekly) commissions you must keep 100PV in your cart. Anytime someone enrolls beneath you the computer will check to see if you quality for your commission. If you’re not interested in earning commissions, then don’t worry about keeping 100pv in your cart.

Learn more about the Loyalty Rewards Program here!


How to Set Up Your Loyalty Rewards Order

Log in at www.mydoterra.com
Choose the purple “Shop” tab at the top
Click “Create a Loyalty Rewards Order”

I know this is a lot of information. Please contact us if you have ANY questions or want one of us to walk you through set up. Enjoy your free products!