The special supervision area of the branch of eastchanger enjoys the national policy dividend in terms of tax incentives, trade control, bonded supervision and foreign exchange policy, and has unique geographical, functional and policy advantages.

① Zhuhai-Macao Cross-border Industrial Zone

● The only dedicated port between Mainland and Macao that operates 24 hours a day;
● Cross-border e-commerce bonded import business can be conducted;
● The only special supervised area in China that enjoys “bonded zone + export processing zone + dedicated port” with “functional integration and policy superposition”;
● Domestic goods entering the Park shall be regarded as exports, and tax refund shall be made upon entering the Park;
● Overseas goods enter the Park shall be bonded. Import and export quotas and license management shall not be implemented for goods incoming and outgoing between park and the outside;
● Goods in Zhuhai Park can be freely transferred in the area, exempt from various taxes and fees;
● Goods in the Park can be stored indefinitely;
● Bonded maintenance projects can be carried out in the Park;
● Tax exemption for machines, equipment, spare parts and tools imported by enterprises in the Park for business operations;
● Goods that enter the zone outside Zhuhai Park and receive the CEPA preferential certificate of origin in Hong Kong or Macau can enjoy CEPA zero tariff concessions as required.

② Zhongshan Bonded Logistics Center

● 160,000 m² of bonded warehousing supports enterprises to adopt VMI, JIT, DC and other business models (warehouse rent is low in the Pearl River Delta)
● Cross-border e-commerce “1239” online shopping bonded BBC import business can be conducted;
● Domestic goods entering the Logistics Center shall be regarded as exports, and tax refund shall be made upon entering the Logistics Center;
● Customs shall guarantee the goods entering the Logistics Center from overseas, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations;
● Incoming and outgoing of goods to the Logistics Center can be imported and exported in batches according to the demands and approved by the custom. delivering goods in batches and making centralized customs declaration;
● Simple processing and value-added services for the stored goods can be implemented, auxiliary simple operations such as: classification, separation, sorting, dispensing, metering, combination packaging, filming, brushing weights, brushing marks, changing packaging and assembling.
● Bonded business of imported wines has been conducted, and a comprehensive platform for imported wine bonded warehousing, international trade, display, marketing, international and domestic distribution, and transactions has been established.

③ Guangzhou Nansha Free Trade Zone

● Support the construction of import goods display trading platform to carry out cross-border e-commerce business;
● Support cultural bonded business;
● Allow Nansha to set up a staple commodity futures bonded delivery warehouse to conduct futures bonded delivery and warehouse receipt pledge financing business;
● Nansha Port Area is the import port of the whole vehicle;
● Implement “export tax rebate” and “international transit bonded” policies for automobile warehousing;
● Support the parallel import pilot of automobiles in Nansha;
● Support the exploration and implementation of pilot tax rebate for the port of departure;
● Support the development of staple commodity spot trading and international trade, and explore the construction of an international commodity trading hub, information center and price formation center;
● Broaden the access conditions for foreign companies to conduct maintenance and remanufacturing of mechanical and electrical products and parts in Nansha;
● Allow after-sales maintenance services for “high-tech, high value-added” overseas products and domestic export products in Nansha.