East Changer declared the first imported shipment through Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge successfully


On November 15th, 2018, the Zhuhai Branch of Qidong successfully declared the first ticket to enter the goods through the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge in the direct mode. The next day, the Zhongshan Branch of Eeastchanger was successfully declared in the customs-integrated mode. . It takes less than one minute for the freight vehicle to report from the on-site delivery to the approval. The convenient and clear customs clearance of goods depends on the new customs supervision mode and the efficient operation of the Eeastchanger team.

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is the first cross-border land transport corridor connecting Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao. It crosses the ocean, connects Hong Kong to the east, and connects Zhuhai and Macau to the west. It is a large-scale cross-sea traffic project of the century. Before the bridge is opened, it is generally 1-2 days for the port to use the barge to transport the import and export goods. For example, the Humen Bridge is transported by land for at least 4 hours, and even if it is traffic jam or even 8 hours. At present, the vehicle bypass bridge can shorten the logistics time of Hong Kong and Zhu'ao to less than one hour, and integrate the western part of the Pearl River Delta into Hong Kong's three-hour drive to greatly improve the efficiency of inbound and outbound transportation operations and effectively reduce the transportation logistics costs of Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao. . The opening of the bridge has opened up a new logistics channel for the Pearl River Port. Zhongshan and Zhuhai will become important logistics nodes, and future development is expected.

After the opening of the bridge, Eeastchanger Company has launched a one-stop service such as vehicle transportation and distribution, supporting warehousing, import and export customs clearance for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge route. In order to meet the business needs of customers and the development of the company's business, the company also opened a branch office in Hong Kong Zhu'ao Bridge, integrating resource advantages, ensuring customs clearance efficiency, and striving to provide customers with better and more efficient comprehensive foreign trade services.