Different from the traditional manual-dependent operation mode, East Changer uses information system operations completely to improve work efficiency and operation accuracy.


ERP Management System
Internal control information system including financial, customs and logistics modules to achieve effective retrieval and tracking of goods stream, document stream and information stream.

K-WMS warehouse management system
K-WMS Warehouse Management System is the main component of our logistics management system. It is used to manage the daily operations of all warehouses, provide customers with spare parts inventory information (including information at various historical time points), flow direction of parts and components incoming and outgoing (graphical results are straightforward) and a variety of categorical statistics and queries (can assist in the allocation of the most economical inventory of spare parts), which can improve quality and efficiency, achieve standardization and process.

Single Window Customs Declaration and Inspection System
Customs declaration and inspection system linked to the customs makes customs declaration and inspection become one, simplifying the application process, speeding up the customs clearance, reducing the burden and pressure on enterprises.

Declaration System for Special Regulatory Areas
Specialized supervised area business declaration system docked with customs supervisory system realizes bonded logistics declaration management.